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The Memory of the Holocaust and Antisemitism in the Public Opinion


The Memory of the Holocaust and Antisemitism in the Public Opinion

Organizers: Hungarian Association of Sociology (http://www.szociologia.hu/main_page/) and John Wesley Theological College ( http://www.wesley.hu/sociology )

Date: 17th and 18th of December 2014,
Place: Budapest, VIII, Dankó street 11, Kline room.

We do not only accept presentations about recent researches, but also about un-published aspects of earlier ones.

In the last couple of decades several empirical researches addressed the problem of antisemitism. Moreover researches of various aspects of the population (for instance students) have also contained secondary questions related to antisemitism. For instance many surveys contained the word “Jew” as an element of the Bogardus-scale and of some of its versions. Further “Israel” appears on various relevant lists of countries and lots of questions refer to the acceptability of political leaders known as antisemities; lists of questionnaires address the memory of the Holocaust, respectively researches in the sociology of religion analyze the perception of Christ as Jewish etc.
Other researches focus on texts rather than on personal opinions and elaborate data bases of social history.
Researches, in which antisemitism was not emphasized, have obviously not paid much attention to these aspects of the findings.
The present conference is designed to highlight those un-examined aspects. We do not exclude the reconsideration of researches published earlier from such new angles.
In one of the sections we plan to pay special attention to the relationship between religiosity, churches, Christian textbooks on the one hand and antisemitism, the memory of the Holocaust and its negations on the other.

The languages of the conference are English and Hungarian.

For application please download the excel file:
and send to
, not later then 15th of June, 2014


1718 December 2014 09:00
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Wesley János Lelkészképző Főiskola
Dankó u. 11.
H-1086 Budapest
Hu Hungary

Useful information

  • International conference
  • Language(s): Hungarian, English


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